We offer bulk rates in order to best educate ME/CFS patients and spread awareness. Doctor’s offices and research institutions can get bulk shipments to re-sell or to use in fundraising activities:

Up to 25 DVDs at $10.00
Up to 50 DVDs at $7.50 apiece
Up to 100 DVDs at $5.00 apiece

501(c)3 organizations, or equivalent, are eligible for discount bulk rates:

Up to 100 DVDs at $7.50 apiece
Up to 250 DVDs at $5.00 apiece

Contact forgottenplague@gmail.com to request a bulk order.

All customers will receive DVDs formatted for DVD players in their specific region. Streaming viewing options are available via Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

North American customers: Please purchase single DVDs through Amazon.com.
If you are an international customer, or a North American interested in the Advocate or Super Advocate Pack, please see below: